Tara Antonia

14 Feb
Tara Antonia

Tara Antonia

This is my friend Tara Antonia. Every time I look at Emma Watson, I think of how Tara does it better. Sorry ladies, she’s straight, and she’s pretty selective about who can view her Facebook, but if you REALLY want to check more of her work out, she played an angel in a cult film called Exitz and completely outshone Vicky McClure in Plan B’s video for She Said. One of my favourite things about Tara is that she is so aloof that she never even told anyone she’d be in the video.

One Response to “Tara Antonia”

  1. jeff February 15, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    I just love the angel in that film, i wish i could make the sex with her.

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