Michelle Rodriguez

13 Mar
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

This fiery latina has got in trouble from the lesbian community recently. At the premiere of her new film, Battle: Los Angeles, she told a reporter from RumorFix.com that she’d like everyone to know:

“I’m not a lesbian. Yeah! Mitchie likes sausage.”

This is despite a pretty obvious thaaang going on with Kristanna Loken. You know, the out actress who appeared on The L Word. And if you’ve seen anything Michelle’s been in (Lost, Blue Crush, Avatar) , you’ll be sure she’s gay. She’s butch enough to make Chuck Norris look like Kurt out of Glee. Obvs, though, it’s not for me to determine/announce someone’s sexuality, so let’s just say she’s one of those people who isn’t comfortable with being labelled. This can be shown by her hair; it’s that perfect pseudo-straight girl hair. It’s long, assuring us that she’s not gay, but it’s prone to ponytails. When ponytails are done so low on the head, you can only assume that the wearer is either a member of Status Quo or a massive lesbian.


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