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Prince Harry

2 May
Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Like the other alleged 1999999999 people across the globe, my eyes were glued to the television to watch the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday.

There’s been some consternation amongst LGBT groups about the wedding, most notably Peter Tatchell, who’s complained that Kate and Will should’ve waited until same-sex couples can marry before tying the knot themselves.
And yeah, there’s something awfully heteronormative about a prince and a miniscule lady getting married and him having a hand about 18 times the size of hers and all the men wearing suits or uniform and all the women in dresses and hats and Elton John and David Furnish being sneered at by certain members of the congregation as they made their way to their seats…
But wasn’t it a beautiful wedding? And…even if you weren’t so sure about its credentials as a genuine display of true love – if you’re certain that the whole thing was timed so as to give the nation something to feel happy about during a time of caustic cuts and ruthless leadership…did you SEE Prince Harry?
First of all, unlike his brother, man has hair. Second of all, he knows just what to do with his hair. Ginger men hardly ever get it right. They’ll wear too much red, or yellow, or be too freckly, or use cheap dye to feign any other hair colour on their head, with their glistening eyebrows and lashes left to brazenly hint at surreptitious strawberry blonde tendencies. Ginger lesbians are the same. Sometimes they just don’t know how to deal with it.
Like a cheeky chappy lesbo, Prince Harry’s got the sexiest demeanour and it really shows through his hair. It’s messy and low-maintenance, but still gorgeous. It’s not the type of hairdo you’d show in a photo to the hairdresser in a bid to replicate it, but a lot of lesbians already have this ‘do – a kind of raffish, lost boys style that requires little effort to get right. Usually as a result of overgrown crew cuts, it’s a great way of expressing a departure from formality, a desire to stray from the norm. Which works equally well both for lesbians and third-in-liners to the throne.

Joey Essex

24 Apr
Joey Essex

Joey Essex

Until two weeks ago, I’d ignored The Only Way Is Essex. In fact, over the past half decade, I’ve ignored all of the quasi-reality shows featuring overindulged young people looked bored by their own inane conversations: The Hills, The City, Jersey ShoreLaguna Beach, everything the Kardashians have done (apart from when Kim got pissed on by Ray J – that piss was for real).

All of these shows were carved in the image of The Simple Life, but pale in comparison. TSL was astounding, not only because Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are genuinely funny, but because they were taken out of their comfort zones, to experience life with ‘normal Americans’, who, by that very definition, weren’t normal at all. It was Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends made more digestible for people who like to watch a wall-eyed Tippi Hedren-a-like giggle at the jokes cracked by an 22-year-old ex-heroin addict.

By the time it got to series 5, the formula was tired, and the girls’ respective DUI cases held up filming. Producers decided, then, to do away with the task of getting rich kids to relinquish their vanities and luxuries, and just stick a couple of cameras in front of some rich teenagers in their own habitats, in the hope that at some point, someone would watch. And yeah, people do watch – probably because some people are quite stupid and some people get too nailed on a Saturday night to do anything but fester in front of MTV on Sundays. The cumulative effect of these shows is that audiences now expect actors more wooden than Keanu Reeves’ erections and dialogue as complex as a cheese sandwich [see: Gossip Girl].

TOWIE, though British, and as a result, more accessible, never appealed to me. It seemed as inane as all the American stuff. But I must admit, Joey Essex is something of a wonder. At a recent work placement at a women’s weekly, I was asked to find photos of Joey at clubs. How would I do this? By trawling through every single photo taken in Essex clubs to spot him. Out of thes hordes of perma-tanned blokes decked out in pink pinstripes and beerstains, how would I identify Joey? But of course – the hair!

Most of the male attendees of Brentwood’s Sugar Hut and the like have spiked ‘dos, 2005 indie mops, slapheads, Hoxton fins (REMEMBER?) or revisions of any style John Terry’s kept his 50mg of grey matter warm with. Apart from Joey, who has a gel-free, suave bonce. It’s a perfect lesbian cut, because, well, so many lesbians have hair exactly like it. Lacking in wet-look product, it’s a man’s cut, but it is still dandified, suiting metrosexuals and lesbisexuals alike.

Justin Bieber

22 Feb
Justin Bieber. Credit: Jay DeMarcus

Justin Bieber. Credit: Jay DeMarcus

Well, it was about time. Justin Bieber’s had his floppy lego-hair ‘do switched up, heralding in a new age in lesbieban (no, not Libyan, lesbieban) relations. Instead of lesbians following Justin’s lead by sticking with dated post-emo styles, Justin ‘Sally Field’ Bieber is copying lesbians by getting himself a short back ‘n sides.

It’s arguable that lesbians in turn are copying men with their short haircuts. Expecially considering that so many people think that lesbians perform their sexuality in a masculine way because they all secretly want to be men. And although I quite like Freudian interpretations of modern life – when you dream of trains, you’re certainly dreaming of cocks –  I don’t approve of this one. Lesbians dress like guys, or don’t dress like guys because they dress in what they think looks good. It’s nothing to do with acquiring another set of sexual organs. I mean, how many dykes do you see packing crotch padding? Exactly.