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Franky, Skins

29 Jan
Franky (Dakota Blue Richards)

Franky (played by Dakota Blue Richards)

I’ve never been too keen on Skins. Firstly, I feel a bit too old for it. That’s the problem with casting teenagers to play teenagers; I don’t want to care what they’re doing, because as cool as they are, it’s never cool to care about what people younger than you are up to. Secondly, no programme is ever going to top Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it comes to accurate representation of/appropriate metaphors for teenage life. There’s one thing that could get me to watch the first episode of the madly hyped new series, though. And that’s Franky. Ok, bit harsh to call her a ‘thing’, but knowing the series’ penchant for ticking LGBT boxes, it seems it’s gearing up to add the T. Her hair is perfectly androgynous, yet classic; this could be a promo shot for the teen Tipping the Velvet.